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Maintain control over all your contracts, real-time status tracking of claims, and reduce your time to payment with Payapps.
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Improve progress claim processing time


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instant retention tracking
Notifications of all retentions throughout the project. Automated reminders at practical completion.
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simplified variations
Add and manage variations with ease and get your variations resolved quickly.
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automatic alerts
With automatic alerts you'll never have to remember to submit a claim, just as your builder is alerted to assess and approve your application for payment.
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supported evidence
Share and upload evidence and explanations of all changes to reduce the risk of delayed approvals.
What our customers think


"The product allows us to eliminate any doubt and potential human error when entering claims; you can't put a price on that."
Jesse Campbell
Commercial Manager, City Circle Group

Watch the video to hear Jesse Campbell, the Commercial Manager of City Circle Group discuss their implementation and the benefits of using Payapps.

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You’re in control

You likely work on multiple projects at a time, so why use different processes or even platforms to manage your progress claims? Set up and manage your own contracts and progress claims for ALL your projects, even with clients who aren’t yet using the platform.


Free claim each month when you use Payapps' self-assess feature
Say goodbye to hours spent organising paperwork
All your claims organised and consolidated in one system
No manual calculations and instant retention tracking
Ensure all your applications are consistent and in a format that is easy to approve

No hidden surprises

Quickly see the status for each of your open applications across all projects without needing to make time-consuming enquiries. Everything is logged and recorded for full disclosure and auditability of your applications.

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Complete visibility over applications
Automatic tracking of variations, retention and main contractor discount
Manages insurances and subcontractor orders
Integrates directly with industry-leading accounting systems, avoiding duplicate data entry
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Work smarter not harder

Remove friction and reduce the information siloes that typically plague construction with a single platform that can quickly be connected to your construction accounting software, significantly reducing the need for duplicate data entry. Efficiently manage each step in the progress claim process: remove the risk of human error associated with completing various forms of documentation and managing hard-copy paperwork.


Reduce duplicate data entry and automatically create invoices to send for payment via your preferred accounting software
Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets, email trails and endless phone calls
No hard copy papers that are at risk of being lost
Upload supporting evidence for faster feedback on your claim, photographic evidence, marked up drawings etc, ultimately leading to faster processing times

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