July 19, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Conqa

Name and role

Daniel O'Donoghue – Co-Founder & CEO

Name of company and brief overview


Construction Quality Assurance (QA) for contractors, with customers across APAC.

What’s the biggest challenge your product/service solves?


Rework erodes margins & productivity, compromises physical & mental wellbeing, and harms dynamics between Head &Subcontractors.

What are the main benefits of working with you?

We help subcontractors to reduce rework with an easy-to-use quality assurance product. This saves them (and their clients) time and money. QA also provides an understanding of progress, along with evidence to accompany progress claims – keeping the conversations accurate, and projects moving forwards.

What excites you about construction in 2022?

Quality is becoming a stronger market focus for a number of contractors. We’re also seeing a lot of willingness for head contractors to prioritise subcontractor engagement in their QA process.

Are there any exciting plans or initiatives in the pipeline for {product/company} that you’d like to share?

There are, but we’ll be sharing them soon!

What are you looking forward to the most now that we’re moving back into a sense of normality?

We’re enjoying meeting contractors in person, both at offices and on site.

Where can people find you online and learn more about your product?


What are you looking forward to in working with Payapps?

QA & progress have a very natural coupling. Both Payapps& CONQA provide solutions that make it easy for subcontractors to communicate elements of their work. Like CONQA, Payapps also has a hungry, customer focused team, and I think we can mutually add a lot of value to our customers.